Linder Avenue Band is a project created by the musical writings of Mario Malatesta. Many creative, musical artists bring his writings alive with the production and engineering help of Bobby Ferrari. This page is a listing of all the musicians who contributed their talents to this project.


Mario Malatesta

About Mario Malatesta

Born into a family of musicians, Mario's childhood was a symphony of different genres and styles, thanks to the musical prowess of his mother, father, and aunt. Growing up on Linder Avenue in Chicago, the sounds of his family’s music nurtured his budding talent and eventually inspired the name of his band. Despite a detour into a more conventional career, Mario’s love for music drew him back, leading to his enrollment in Berklee's Certificate Program where he graduated with top honors.


Musical Philosophy and Influences

Mario’s musical philosophy is built upon a foundation of diverse influences. From the legendary riffs of Jimmy Page to the melodic sensibilities of The Beatles, each influence contributes to the band's eclectic sound. Linder Avenue’s music combines the vocal harmonies of 60s sunshine pop with the electrifying energy of high-gain electric guitars, creating a style that is both refreshingly new and nostalgically familiar.


The Linder Avenue Band Experience

The band's debut album, meticulously crafted by the acclaimed Bobby Ferrari at Skeleton Key Recording, is a testament to Mario’s vision. Ferrari, a seasoned veteran in the music industry with over 30 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the production. It features a collection of songs that traverse the spectrum of human emotion and experience.

Tracks like “She Doesn’t See Me” draw inspiration from pop culture, offering a lighthearted take on romantic misadventures, while “A Work in Progress” provides a thoughtful contemplation on life’s challenges through the philosophical lens of Stoicism.